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Preparing for Gen Z in the Workplace

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, which includes those who were born between 1997 and 2015, are beginning to enter the workforce. They are expected to make up 30% of the workforce by 2030. HR leaders are making it a priority to relate to these young people to help them harness their strengths, engage [...]

Preparing for Gen Z in the Workplace2022-03-04T08:22:54-06:00

What Employees Want: Well-Being Programs

Workplace wellness programs have increased in the past several years to promote healthy diets and lifestyle, exercise and other behaviors such as quitting smoking.  As of 2020, most employers had wellness programs of some kind, including 53% of small firms (those with 3-200 employees) and 81% of large companies.  Since employees spend most of their [...]

What Employees Want: Well-Being Programs2022-02-22T15:33:02-06:00

Pros and Cons of the Gig Economy

Since the start of the pandemic, the gig economy has become more ubiquitous. Human Resources leaders need to understand the new kind of worker attracted to the world of gigs, and learn how to make that kind of non-traditional worker fit into their teams. Some mistakenly believe that the gig economy, also known as the [...]

Pros and Cons of the Gig Economy2022-02-14T09:20:32-06:00

What You Need to Know About Healthcare Benefits in 2022

While the new year feels like a fresh start for most workers, it’s also expected to come with a spike in health insurance premiums. Premiums and deductibles have been steadily increasing for years. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that premiums for a family rose 4% in 2021, according to a survey focused on employer-sponsored benefits. The average [...]

What You Need to Know About Healthcare Benefits in 20222022-02-04T13:00:59-06:00

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Mouth, Healthy You!

Did you know that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body? Or that your dental health offers clues about your overall health?  Poor dental health contributes to major systemic health problems. Conversely, good dental hygiene can help improve your overall health.  As a bonus, maintaining good oral health can even REDUCE [...]

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Mouth, Healthy You!2022-02-03T13:36:41-06:00

Healthy Eating Tips

It can sometimes feel as if we’re bombarded with information about the latest eating trend or buzzworthy ingredient. But good nutrition is really about having a well-rounded diet, and it’s easier to do than you may think. In fact, living a nutritious lifestyle can be easy and fun. Nutrition is about more than vitamins—it also [...]

Healthy Eating Tips2022-01-20T15:19:31-06:00

How to Make (and Keep!) a New Year’s Resolution

Ever wonder why the resolutions you make in January don’t stick around after March? You aren’t alone! Studies show that only 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. Why? And how do people achieve their goals set at New Year’s? We’ve broken it down for you so you can identify your goal-breaker as well [...]

How to Make (and Keep!) a New Year’s Resolution2022-01-11T10:38:42-06:00

Are Your Healthcare Benefits Contributing to the Labor Shortage?

Employee benefits are a major bargaining chip for companies looking to attract talent. The problem is healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and it’s difficult for employers to offer the same level of coverage. Higher costs are either resulting in less coverage or smaller wages for employees. Find out what’s happening with healthcare and recruitment, and get [...]

Are Your Healthcare Benefits Contributing to the Labor Shortage?2021-12-26T21:15:02-06:00
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